Sunday Recipe: Bisquick Box Waffles

Sometimes it is just easier to follow the box recipe and add your own flare at the end.

Here is me follow the Bisquick Heart Smart box recipe and adding my own touches.


I use my Pampered Chef MeasureAll aka (the Plooper because when you use it the sound it makes goes ploop)


I like to use Olive Oil


Adding oil


Adding Organic Valley milk
But I use 1/3 c water as well and milk and an egg


For this I use a basic fork to stir it up. This doesn’t hurt my arthritis because its a thin mixture


I like to use the bowl that  has the pour spout when making waffles. This bowl has measure lines but I don’t use those as I forget what is in the bowl when I do.

Mix it up scrape the sides and pour into waffle area being careful to fill the trays but not over pour


Great waffles. Moist because of the olive oil. If you want crunchy use regular oil.


Add strawberries and blueberries for the “yum effect”

And there u go. Yummy waffles.

Until next time,

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