Fabulous Friday: Be Fabulous E-Course and the Fun &Fabulous Fashion Show Launch Day

Woo hoo! Sound the horns and toot the bells! Today is such a FABULOUS remarkable day!

Today not ONLY do my tickets for my Fun and Fabulous Fashion Show go LIVE on TIKLY today but today ALSO is the launch of my new Beta version of my Be Fabulous E-Course Campaign!


If you would like to get in while the door is still open I have TWO spots left and then NO MORE! (Ok if you ask real nice I might let you in) Currently I will be giving links to the worksheets, videos etc all through the FB Group for now. If I figure something else out or if you have an idea, please oh please let me know, wouldn’t you?

To get in the FABULOUS tickets for my fashion show you can buy there here…



If you are unable to attend but would like to help donate please send donations, Subject Fashion Show, to my


I am still open to sponsors, gift bags/baskets, in kind donations, barters, trades and advertising cross promotions (I promote you or your biz, you promote my Fashion show and my biz), and anything else you are willing to give up to help make this a great show and allow me the ability to help donate funds to the Junior League of Des Moines.

I am super uber thankful to the supporters and advertisers i do have and those offering donations and trades.

As well I am every grateful to those who support me, help me and stand behind me in this dream, goal, and quest.

I know my goal is not an easy one for those to be of support for but I am so very thankful for thsoe who have, do and will continue be my cheerleaders, rocks and support!

Until next time,

I hope YOU have a Fabulous Friday!

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