Monday Manifesto: Blissbombed aka Stephanie St. Claire

For today’s Monday Manifesto Day I want to share my journey with this amazing woman that I have never met and the beginning of her Blissbombed Manifesto that started it all..

A few years back my path collided with hers. But little did I know until recently in a Coaching Session that our paths have been rotating around each other for years. While we were discussing a variety of things come to find out we have oft times been growing up, living, being or doing things in the same neighborhoods in California and when I was even in New York for a time. It was funny to hear, but at the same time confirmed to me even more that the universe was telling me

“You need to learn from this woman.”

When I DID happen to connect with her for the first time like I think for many women it might be to get over a heartache or because things are not right in their life. I, also like others, might have been doing what I was. In looking back I realized I have been following her since 2010. Since October 2010 in fact. I figured that out by going through the old Facebook posts and seeing when I liked them. In 2011 my life must have been going merrily along while I was coursing through one online class or the other. 2012 began a bit more of a struggle and I seeking and yearning and hungry for her guidance after a horrible breakup. It amazed my how often I liked something or had been following her, but yet said nothing or did a thing about my life until I was struggling. I think sometimes that is what it takes for us to wake up.

The universe smacks us in the head and says

“Well, are you going to do something now?” I heeded that call and said “Hell Yes!” when I read Hell Yes Hell No on her site, I was hooked as well as so many other posts and mantras and Manifestos.

I love to see others share their life and share their struggles. Many people ask me as well, why do I say anything about what I have been through? I do so just as I think Stephanie and others who write and blog and share do, we have been there and we want to share in the event that by our sharing we can help another first know they are not alone and we love them and are there for them. That is why “I” do it anyway.  I will say I am truly grateful to Stephanie for sharing and opening up her life with us all. IT helped me immensely and her coaching is spot on.

If I know someone has been through my path I am more likely to get on board with classes, courses and caching because I feel they can relate. Well, this woman can relate. Let me tell you. In addition to that, she has the most tenderest, purest heart of any woman I probably know and yet at the same time will tell you to get up off your ass and get your shit in gear! LOL That is WHY I love her so much!

This is my vision of Stephanie. She may agree or not, but after following her, taking courses, having one on one coaching and now being in her Miracles Course…this is the woman “I” see and “I” think of when I think of her…

She has the heart of a kitten and the fire of a lion. She is soft like the wind, but if you stir her up, I bet a storm would be brewing. She is loving and kind, gentle and pure. She has empathy of life because she has been there and done that. She has pulled up her bootstraps a few times and dusted off the ashes from being burned. I know somehwere she has cried in ehr pillow and I know the next morning she decided it was better and would be a fabulous day. You know from her kindness and tenderness mixed with kick ass bad assness, that she is still a girl under it all and has a heart and feelings, but she will karate chop you if you mess with her!  She is determined, driven, audacious, amazing and to me…a miracle.

Don’t miss a chance to work with someone so freakin amazing… The next Miracles Course is coming soon. Don’t sit by like I did. Hop on board the Miracle Train with the rest of us and watch your life unfold.

OR check out the other amazing opportunities to work with her on her site

Until next time,


Trisha Trixie

One thought on “Monday Manifesto: Blissbombed aka Stephanie St. Claire

  1. This is awesome Trisha! Your words to describe our beloved Stephanie were perfect!! She is quite a blessing for sure! Thank you both for all the inspiration!!

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