Sunday Guest Post : Tiffany Gilbert DMACC Intern

Memory Lane (4th of July Weekends)


Every year we have 4th of July, and Thanksgiving at our house. It used to be the matron of our family’s home -Great Grandma Areline John or Grannie for short. When I was little, the family wasn’t as dispersed as now, and it was a truly grand affair.

We had dozens of relatives over, and I mean dozens. There were a few years that we had more than usual. It ended up a madhouse of over 80 people, but that was when I was young. Cousins, aunts/uncles, and even a few in laws that came when the blood relatives didn’t. Things have quieted down quite a lot since then. Well for us it’s quiet.


The past few years we’ve only averaged about 20-50. To some that may seem like a lot, but that’s not really. We’ve had to say goodbye to a few, some have moved far away, others have grown up with families of their own, or they just come to one holiday or the other. They live close or at least in state. Some travel here like my Cousin Areline who comes all the way from Florida every few years.


As with Grannies passing, as the older generation goes so will the holiday. I don’t mean I will stop having it, or it won’t be as big. No already with the ones that have stopped coming because their families have nice sized gatherings will continue, and for many years because most of them are younger. As the years go by, they will gain more as their kids marry and have kids their gatherings will grow until they disperse as well. This has happened for several generations, and someday I will too with my own family.

Overall despite disliking the prepping for family gatherings (seriously you try to clean a pool before its warmed up, get food for an unknown number, clean the house, and get everything ready for unknown circumstances), and having those people (the ones in every family that no one likes) over; its a good day with good food, some good relatives, and good fun.


At the same time, next year can take its time getting here while we unwind from this holiday and the after party at someone else’s house (in the county) with fireworks.

Tiffany Gilbert is a student at DMACC in the Fashion Dept as well as a Seamstress and Jewelry Maker not to mention all the other wonderful things she does. You can email here at

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