Trixie Tuesdays: Connect Your Biz & Personal Profile

Many times people ask me how I have my Business connected on my Facebook. So I thought I would share that would you today….
If you have a business, art business, or something like mine you might want to make a page to help connect you to others and gain a following and turn that following into business.
First : Make a Business Page
If you’re the official representative of an organization, business, celebrity or band, you can create a Page to represent your organization on Facebook.
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To create a Page, log into a desktop computer and follow these directions:
  1. Click Create a Page from the More section at the bottom right of your homepage
  2. Choose a Page category
  3. Choose a subcategory and enter the required information
  4. Check the box next to I agree to Facebook Pages Terms and click Get Started
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What most of the times happens is that then  you have your company as work experience in your personal profile on Facebook, without creating an actual business page.

This is when Facebook automatically creates a page.

Go to the about section on your Facebook personal profile

1. Go to your Personal Profile by clicking on your name on the right side in the menu.
2. Go to the about section – click on About.

The incorrect empty page

This is usually how the incorrect business page is listed on your personal profile. When you click it some other people may even have ‘Liked’ it, but you can not edit this page.

Remove the empty page

Remove this empty Facebook page with your business name.

Add the correct page

3. Now start typing the name of your business page.
4. Select the correct Facebook page from the drop-down list.

Complete your company details

5. Complete the details for your company:

  • Position
  • City/Town
  • Year and month when you started this business

When you have multiple business or jobs listed here, remember that these are ordered on the date you started the business or job.


6. You are done

(Why I share these things with you….I used to be a Web and Social Media Strategiest as well as a Serial Entrepreneur for over 12 years. I helped others to make web pages, connect, join and fuse their Social Media to their sites and help them get connected, get the right interns or help or whatever their online needs were online. Former business Trisha Trixie and Company, Social Fusion, Transcendental Web Services and Webit Inc)

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