Fly Lady Fridays: H2Oh?

Today for Fly Lady Friday with summer fast approaching I want to remind you as Fly Lady has to drink your water.


I have SUCH a hard time with this. I hate tap water, I won’t drink FARM water and bottle water can be so expensive. I was buying those Vitamin Waters called Dragon Fruit or Power C but bottle after bottle it concerned me how much I was spending as well as the waste I am accumulating from bottles. Yes I DO recycle but still.


When I was at the Healthy Living Expo a month or so back I bought a tall metal drink holder. Not only are these great for hot beverages but they are even better for cold ones.


If you put some cold water in there and put it in the fridge for the next day it is nice and cold. But if I forget, I just add some ice cubes and let it sit while I get ready for my day and then I add some filtered refrigerator water.  My man bought me some water enhancer and I like those. There are a variety to choose from


I also like to add some Reconstitued Lemon or Limne Juice.


Most know these as the little fake Lemon or Lime looking thingy

It is cheaper and you can add what you like to your water. Plus Lemon or Lime aid your digestion AND because of that help in weight maintenance if desired.

I know some use those powder packets and I recently tried the Hibiscus one from Strabucks brand and REALLY liked it

No matter what you choose to help you out, just please as the summer heat rises remember to take water or a bottle with you that you can fill. Take one of these little things to make your water drinkable if needed.

One last thing to beat the heat for me, besides some AGUA is a hat. So drink your water and wear your hat!

Until next time,

Xoxo ~Trisha Trixie

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