Throwback Thursday: Rainy Day Ideas

What do you do on those Rainy Days?

For me today I got a late start. My brain thinks it is a barometer so it likes to give me a not so wonderful migraine to let me know bad weather is coming. But once I am able to function again I like to do lots of little things. I know many of you are SAHM , Stay at Home Mommies and some of you are WAHM, Work at Home Mommies and have little ones to do things with.

I saw this cute little Rainy Day Fabric and thought it would be cute to make a rainy day apron for on just these occasions


I saw a few ideas I thought were pretty cute. I think you can figure them out pretty easy.


Whatever you decide to do, don’t just do this….

Cuz if you do some of the other above…you will have better results and you will be like this..


Until next time,



Trisha Trixie

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