Try it Tuesday: Garden Party lighting

Gardening Party Light


So, this is try it Tuesday and I look for other ideas to try.  I’m no designer like Trisha Trixie.  The directions were to stick some tissue paper in a jar, put on a lid, and a flameless candle and you would have a masterpiece.  If you couldn’t do it, they have them available on easy.  Psh…the directions were bad, but I can help you and I’ve added some beautiful additions.

Attire Suggestions

Trisha Trixie had come up with a reversible apron that is meant for keeping beauty supplies.  However, I think it will be great for holding crafting supplies.  Today, I introduce the cutest little barbie apron around.  Oh, this girl loves her some Barbies.  I’ll have to let you in on my Barbie collection some day!



Supply List Per garden light

  • A canning jar (I use the clear one from the craft store, just so as not to distract from my design)
  • A flameless candle
  • One sheet of tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • And something long to push your tissue around (I used a long handled lighter)


  1. Cut the tissue paper in half
  2. Measure around the jar and cut with a little room for overlap.
  3. Curl up the tissue and stick it in the jar.  Measure the depth of the jar.
  4. Pull out the tissue and cut so the tissue isn’t sticking out of the jar.light(1-4)
  5. Roll up the tissue slightly and put it inside the jar.
  6. Push the tissue around at the top and spread it out.  The edges of tissue should overlap a little.
  7. Use the long item to slightly push in the edges.
  8. Make the tissue even on all sides

light(steps 5-6)


9. Tape the edges

10. Put in the flameless candle

11.  Cut a square of tissue to go over the top.  Do not put the seal back on, but put the ring on.  Cut around the edges to give it a pretty flare.

light (steps 9-11)


Ready for your garden party!


Mad Men Monday: Kabobs on the Grill



Kabobs on the Grill 

These are the ingredients I used

1 1/2 Lb Sirloin Steak

2 Green Peppers

2 Yellow Onions (Vidalia are best)

1 Package Whole Mushrooms

1 to 2 Cups Marinade



The first thing you want to do is cube the steak into pieces about an inch on the side.  Give each cube a good poke a fork and stick the whole thing in a zip lock baggie.  I haven’t listed a specific marinade, I used a teriyaki but you can use whatever you like.  A couple popular choices include barbque sauce or salad dressing, its really all about your tastes.  Get as much air as you can out of the bag and put it in the  fridge for at least two hours, overnight is better.

When your ready to cook, clean and cube your green peppers, getting rid of all the seeds, was the mushrooms and cut the onions in half, quartering each half so you have eight good chunks of onion to work with.  Drain the meat in a strainer, this will make it much easier to work with, get your skewers ready then walk away from the whole thing.

This is a great time to get your grill started.  I used charcoal with wood chips for a smoke flavor, but this recipe will work with any grill you want to put it on.  If you are used to charcoal and have never tried to add smoke, my advice is to get some wood you like, apple is our favorite,  you can get chips just about anywhere, and once your coal is going gray, put the chips in with it.  The wood may blacken but it wont burn completely  and you can get a few good uses out of it this way.

Back to the kabobs, now comes the fun messy part, putting them together.  The drier your meat the easier it will be, so you may want to pat it with paper towels before you get started.  I went pepper, meat, mushroom, onion, pepper, meat, pepper, mushroom.  I suggest you play with it and find out what you like best.  The pieces nearest the middle will cook the most, so take that into consideration.

By the time I had everything put together the grill was nice and hot and ready to go.  I put all the kabobs on together and cooked them for 7 minutes on a side, turning them twice.  This gave us a good medium steak and cooked all the vegetables well through.



This is a great recipe, especially for people with differing tastes, cause you can grill anything  you can get to stay on the skewer.  I had garlic cloves I had added to mine, which is an experience I suggest anyone try.  You’ll know if the garlic is cooked because it spreads like butter.  So have fun with this, try anything you can imagine, that’s what cooking’s really all about.

Sunday Night Dinner: Stuffed Peppers


Stuffed Peppers

This is one of our favorite dishes around here.  It takes some time to cook, but is well worth the wait.

Apparel Suggestions

red apron

All availabe Through Trisha Trixie Designs.  Check out our new etsy page!


  • 1 pound of ground beef
  • 1/2 uncooked long grain white rice
  • 1 cup water
  • 4 green peppers
  • 2 (8 ounce) cans tomato sauce
  • 1 Tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
  • 1/4 teaspoon of garlic powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon of onion powder
  • 1 teaspoon of Italian seasoning (we prefer sicilian blend bread dipping seasoning found at local grocery stores or online)
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1.  Preheat the oven to 350 degrees
  2. Cook the rice as directed by the package
  3. Brown the hamburger in a pan.
  4. Cut off the tops of the green peppers and remove the seeds.  Rinse well.
  5. On a baking dish, lay a piece of foil.  Lay peppers bottom down.  If they will not stand upright, cut the very bottom edges off.
  6. In a bowl mix; hamberger, cooked rice, 1 can of tomato sauce, Worcestershire sause, garlic powder, onion poweder and salt and pepper.
  7. Spoon an equal amount of this mixture into the green peppers.
  8. In a seperate bowl mix together the remaining tomato sauce and Italian Seasoning in the bowl.
  9. Pour about three tablespoons of this mixture over the stuffed peppers.  You will have some mixture left for basting.
  10. Bake for 1 hour, basting every 15 minutes until the peppers are tender.

Saturday Morning Special: Pick a Pucker from a Picker

Try saying that three times fast! LOL

Thursday was my birthday (as you know by now) and I spent it by chasing down where I would be able to find Mike Wolfe from American Pickers. After I traversed to Ankeny, Iowa and stood in line there at Fareway only to be told he would not get to everyone, I detoured our to the last stop of the day and ended up first in line.

He signed a birthday greeting for me, we discussed goats, I gave him a few tear out sheets in frames and some old mirrors that maybe he and Frank could do something with, as well as an Apron for Mike’s wife and some accessories for Franks Girlfriend.

To top it off, I got a sweet pucker from the picker himself and a signed birthday greeting.

As I woke, on Friday I heard news that…I was ON the news..see for yourself here

Mike was in town promoting American Vintage Hard Iced Tea and the brand couldn’t suit the man any better as well as this little vintage as half and half is now my new favorite!

It was a fun day and so greet to meet a NEW American Icon!

Until next time,

Xoxo Trisha Trixie

Flylady Friday: Baby Steps

So, this weeks challenge was to clean the bathroom and a guest room(the one where you throw all your clutter)

First things first, you really need to sign up for the flylady emails.  Daily tips and tricks are going to fly your way.  I only took the time to read the emails written by Kelly.  Those from her viewers are about how well the program and products she offers (the purple rags and drain clogger are sure to be mine soon) work may be more beneficial as I continue to work the program.  However, my focus is just to do what I can and try not to whine.  Flylady says that saying, “I don’t have the time,” is the same as whining and we must get rid of this “stink in’ thinkin'”  So, I take the time to read the “flight plan” emails.

On Mondays, FlyLady offers a weekly plan;

This week we are in the bathroom and another room. The other room will be our Guest Room/ area! This means whatever room that you have that is your dumping ground. For most people it would be the guest room/area.


Clear off the Hotspots that have gathered on the back of the tub and the
bathroom sink tops.

Guest/Extra Room

Grab a bag and do a 27 fling boogie of things to throw away. The things that
are obvious trash. We are not doing anything other than getting rid of things
to toss. Set your timer for 15 minutes and do as many 27 flings as you can!
Have fun with these missions!



I couldn’t do all of her flight plan tips, but I tried a few.  But, I do have clutter.

get-attachment-4.aspx get-attachment-5.aspx

1. I took 15 minutes and through away product, cleaning supplies and empty bottles.  I was amazed that I filled a garbage sack.  So heavy the man had to take it out!


2. Then, I was inspired to reorganize.  My boyfriend said, “Everything is put away and not on the counters, but I can find it.”  That made me smile.

get-attachment-2.aspx get-attachment-1.aspx


3.  I then cleaned all the back spots of my tub, sink and toilet.  Not in the same day and I did it in 15 minute increments.  I mean who doesn’t have 15 minutes?



Impressively, It has stayed fairly clean.  🙂

So, the guest room.  In my house, we call it the dog room.  It is the room where we throw everything.  The man keeps his clothes there and dirty stuff and junk piles up.  I’m sorry it is the room I keep the door closed on for a reason.  I wasn’t willing to take pictures during the process, but in 15 minute increments I did get it clean!

1. I went in and picked up the garbage.

2.  I picked up anything that should have a home in another place in the house.  Yes, including the laundry.  I even washed several loads of his clothes!  (I think the boy might like my new Flylady trial!)

3. I wiped furniture down, swept and made the bed.  All in just 15 minute increments throughout the week.

With little tricks and trips throughout the week I was able to make a big difference.

get-attachment-7.aspx get-attachment-6.aspx


And look I added a hamper to room to help us maintain organization!

My cousin asked to come stay this weekend and I didn’t have to turn him down, because I was embarrassed of the space.  But as you can see, he will have to share the dog room!

For next week I am going to try to maintain a morning and evening routine.  There are a few things I can’t complete such as making the bed every morning or unloading the dishwasher as my man sleeps much later than I do.  He might be agitated if I make the bed with him in it!  But I think a routine will benefit me.

Fly on ladies and have a great week!

Throwback Thursday: My Birthdays

I thought I would share some throwback birthdays with you from me.

Last year I had a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Party because I turned 42. It was such a blast. I dressed up as SteamPunk Trillian and a load of my friends came out and we went to Billy Joes’ and sang! So much fun.

The year before that I was volunteering at The Center and a few people bought me a cake and we celebrated there

A few years earlier when I live in Omaha I joined my friend Tami for a SMILE party. We looked at things JUST FOR LADIES if you know what I mean… then we went out to the casino and went dancing and met some kewl people…like Elvis!

For my 40th birthday I was at SpringCon then and that is when I bought my Birthday Diva sash. I walked all around SpringCon and got a sketch from nearly every vendor. It took me all day but it was worth it!

And then this was me this year!

2013 bday tt

Crazy and silly as ever!

Looking back I see many people who have come and gone in my life, many who are still here, and love from many. I feel very blessed to have people in my life that enjoy being with me and enjoy sharing in my excitement and love for life!

Thank you to all who have and are wishing me Happy Birthday on Facebook, Twitter, email etc!

It means a lot to me that you care!

Until next time,

XOXO~Trisha Trixie

Wednesday What Not: Birthday Traditions

We are celebrating the birthday week of TrishaTrixie.

I thought it would be fun to reflect on some birthday traditions.



There are many theories as to why we have the birthday cake!

  • The greeks were thought to take cakes to the gods at the beginning of a full moon and a birthday represents one full moon!
  • In Germany, it was a tradition to make bread in the shape of the baby Jesus’s swaddling clothes.

But why do they put candles on the cake?

  • Again, this looks at ancient Greek times.  When the cakes were brought to the God’s they were lit with candles to look like the moon.
  • The German’s were the first to use small candles on their cakes, as they were good candle makers.
  • Candles were used in the center of cakes to represent the “light of life”
  • Some cultures believed that the smoke from the candles would send your wishes up to heaven.

The Birthday Party

A party is usually had so that treats can be shared and presents can be given.  However, this was not always the case.

  • The earliest parties were planned because people thought that evil spirits would visit them on their birthdays.  Friends and family stuck close so they could keep the spirits away.
  • Later, they became traditions where people would come together and celebrate the life of the person having a birthday.

Birthday Luck

A good luck birthstone, good luck flower and good luck color have been assigned to each month of the year.

Wrapping Gifts

A tradition that we hold is the custom of wrapping gifts.

Check out this video on how to wrap a perfect gift.