Mad Men Monday: Kabobs on the Grill



Kabobs on the Grill 

These are the ingredients I used

1 1/2 Lb Sirloin Steak

2 Green Peppers

2 Yellow Onions (Vidalia are best)

1 Package Whole Mushrooms

1 to 2 Cups Marinade



The first thing you want to do is cube the steak into pieces about an inch on the side.  Give each cube a good poke a fork and stick the whole thing in a zip lock baggie.  I haven’t listed a specific marinade, I used a teriyaki but you can use whatever you like.  A couple popular choices include barbque sauce or salad dressing, its really all about your tastes.  Get as much air as you can out of the bag and put it in the  fridge for at least two hours, overnight is better.

When your ready to cook, clean and cube your green peppers, getting rid of all the seeds, was the mushrooms and cut the onions in half, quartering each half so you have eight good chunks of onion to work with.  Drain the meat in a strainer, this will make it much easier to work with, get your skewers ready then walk away from the whole thing.

This is a great time to get your grill started.  I used charcoal with wood chips for a smoke flavor, but this recipe will work with any grill you want to put it on.  If you are used to charcoal and have never tried to add smoke, my advice is to get some wood you like, apple is our favorite,  you can get chips just about anywhere, and once your coal is going gray, put the chips in with it.  The wood may blacken but it wont burn completely  and you can get a few good uses out of it this way.

Back to the kabobs, now comes the fun messy part, putting them together.  The drier your meat the easier it will be, so you may want to pat it with paper towels before you get started.  I went pepper, meat, mushroom, onion, pepper, meat, pepper, mushroom.  I suggest you play with it and find out what you like best.  The pieces nearest the middle will cook the most, so take that into consideration.

By the time I had everything put together the grill was nice and hot and ready to go.  I put all the kabobs on together and cooked them for 7 minutes on a side, turning them twice.  This gave us a good medium steak and cooked all the vegetables well through.



This is a great recipe, especially for people with differing tastes, cause you can grill anything  you can get to stay on the skewer.  I had garlic cloves I had added to mine, which is an experience I suggest anyone try.  You’ll know if the garlic is cooked because it spreads like butter.  So have fun with this, try anything you can imagine, that’s what cooking’s really all about.

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