Throwback Thursday: Women in Golf History Declared

Women in Golf


Mary Queen of Scots was a known golfer

Ladies attire was not known for flexibility on the range.


The first known women’s golf tournament was held in Scotland at the Musselburg Golf Club.


The first ladies golf course is formed, The Ladies Club of St. Andrew’s in Scotland


A group of women from Morristown New Jersey Opened a seven hole golf club.  However, they made the mistake of allowing men and once one was elected president the club became a man’s only facility.


The raisable skirt was introduced in golf; it had been popular with crochet players in the past.  The free stroke coat was introduced so women could freely use their arms.


The one piece dress made popular in the 50s was also popular on the golf range.  Women golfed for social interaction.  Shouldn’t women do more today, just to socialize beyond Facebook?


It was acceptable for women to wear short sleeves and bermuda shorts on the range.


Women’s clubs are made about an inch shorter than men’s clubs due to the assumption that the women’s swing speed is slower than a mans.  This was not always the case. in the past, where the biggest difference might have been a girly club house.

These cute little slipcovers were found at Ladies Golf News.


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