Sunday Recipe: Beef Kabobs ala summer fun!

Beef Kabobs ala summer fun!  

Summer is upon us and we all love to grill.  However, at my house, my boyfriend loves to grill.  This simple recipe is fun and easy to create.  It is an all in one meal!


Attire Suggestions


This meal calls for the help of a super hero.  Wouldn’t your guy look fashionable in this apron?  Perhaps he is a fan of another character, well Trisha Trixie Designs is always happy to custom design for you.  Check out this apron at our Shop.

We, also, used something called firewire to create out kabobs.  These are not a requirement, but do make the job easier.



These can be found at many retailers near you.  They make marinating, organizing and cooking much easier.  



One of these mitts or something similar will come in handy.  This particular one can be found on Amazon, but I’m sure you could locate one at many major retail stores.  I am thinking that Trisha Trixie designs could make this cooking accessory more individualized.  Wouldn’t that be a great Father’s day gift?


Needed Ingredients

1. A pound of sirloin

2. Pineapple rounds

3. Two green, red or yellow bell peppers

4. Whole mushrooms

5. A marinade of your choice (We used the Lawrys Teriyaki Marinade)


1. Cut meat, green peppers, pineapples into large chunk sizes (About an inch square)

2. Put meat, green peppers, pineapples and mushrooms on the firewire skewers or in a container if you don’t have the skewers.  


3. Put marinade into the container (Add skewers and extra veggies) and let sit in refrigerator for 4 to 6 hours.

4.  Pull the skewers and veggies out of the refrigerator.  

5.  On a small cookie sheet put foil.  Add the veggies to the foil.



6. Put the cookie sheet on the top shelf of your grill.  Throw the firewire or your own skewers onto the bottom of the grill.  If using the firewire, make sure that the metal hangs outside of the grill.  This allows the ends to be cool and makes taking the meat off the skewers an easier task.



7.  Let the skewers cook until the meat is to your liking.  We cooked for about 8 minutes, which is medium rare.  

8.  Take them of the grill and remove items from the skewers!  You are ready to eat up.  

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