Try it Tuesday: Get Fascinated with Fascinators

Do you like those amazing Fascinators, Floral clips and Barrettes you see all the Pin Up Models and other Beauties wear? Well, I did my best to put together a little video for you on how to do just that!

Check it out and take a look at a few at our slideshow of Fascinators at the end to see the final result!

Then comment on what you thought of the video. I love feedback so I can make it better next time!


This is the Apron I wore in this video. I have yet to name this one as it was my FIRST Apron. I did do it for a Brave Girls Challenge but I just haven’t figured out what to name it yet. Have any suggestions? Let me know!!

So what did you think?

What else do you want to learn How To make? (I can’t give away ALL my secrets, but I can share a few)

Until next time,


3 thoughts on “Try it Tuesday: Get Fascinated with Fascinators

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