Wednesday What not: The vintage Tin

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Our designer Trisha Trixie let me in on her passion for vintage tins.  

I too have collected a few tins as I’ve found some handy uses for them and I love the vintage designs. So, I thought I would get Trixie and all you other vintage fans  started on thinking about  the tradition of collecting vintage tins.

History Lesson

Metal tins were developed in the 19th century.  They were created as the knowledge of germs was brought to light in Europe and America alike.  Cities were being reconstructed to be sure that less germs spread among the people.  New waterways were built to maintain clean water.  And so to came the metal tin to keep germs away from people’s food.  This why many of the tins you see are selling food and medicine.  



Of course, the idea of the metal tin provided many opportunities for advertising.  Lithography was developed and many of our art ideas stemmed from the metal tin.

Lithography provided the opportunity to reproduce materials over and over again.


Andy Warhol was very inspired by this medium.

B0029P 0034

Tins showing History

One unique thing about tins is that they are not only marketing tools, but they also show what was happening throughout the time period they were used.  


I suppose this is why so many of us are drawn to the vintage tin.  There does become an issue of storage when one has so many tins.  Do any of you have suggestions for the storage of multiple tins?

I use mine to store buttons, thread, needles and all my what not.  How do you use your tins?  We’d love to hear about how you use your vintage tins.

Trisha Trixie Design

Of course we love all things apron and had to share this wonderful tin cover with you! As this women is resourceful like a Trisha Trixie Girl!  


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