Wealthy Wednesday: Holiday bliss and Lowes Lowdown

After Holiday Sales!  

Often, people don’t think of the great items to be had that really aren’t seasonal at all.  I made two amazing purchases at Hobby Lobby this week.  The items have flare, but aren’t all Easter!


This cute fabric was $3.00 a yard!


This cute 4 foot of ribbon was $0.50 a roll!  I have lots of fun ideas for this ribbon.  Happy crafting.

Do you have some paint, refinishing or home improvements to do?

Lowes has a $10 off a $50 puchase

1. Get the App Weekly Adds from the Apple Store.


2. Go to the stores


3. Click on the Electronic coupons

electronic coupons

4. Click on Lowes

5. The coupon will appear.


6. What if you don’t have an apple product?  That is fine.  Search it up on coupons.com!

Look to the future!  Trisha Trixie Designs is looking into complete ensembles at reduced prices.  Keep your eyes peeled at http://trishatrixieshop.miiduu.com/


I can only imagine the beautiful apron that matches these beauties!  Custom items are always available.

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