Easter Recipies: Fizzle Ham

Fizzle Ham

This is a simple meal to put in the crock-pot as your beautiful self heads to church.  The Sprite is used to remove the salty flavor of the ham and is not overly powerful. Any sides will do!  The option of potatoes is optional, as it ups the cook time to 6 hours
The Flower Bow

The Flower Bow

 Cooking Attire:This is a light-cooking day, so I recommend the beauty of the flower red bow baby  half apron by Trisha Trixie Designs.Your pearls and blaring red lipstick  will make you the apple of everyone’s eye.
MAKE UP FOR EVER - Rouge Artist IntenseThese cute little flat dotted shoes would be perfect to work in and still look oh so adorable

(Apron and shoe can be custom created for you by Trisha Trixie Designs. Also available in heel or flat.)

(The red lipstick is my favorite red and can be purchased at Sephora online or in stores. Pearls I found at a vintage store)


v  1 Pre-cooked ham (big enough to feed your crew and small enough to fit your crock-pot)

v  1 16 ounce bottle of Sprite (*Hint* make sure everyone knows this will be used for a meal)

v  1 20 ounce can of crushed pineapple

v  Desired amount of sweet or baking potatoes (optional)

v  Drizzly amount of oil (optional)


v  Place the ham in the crock-pot.

v  Poor Sprite over the top of the ham.

v  Dump the pineapples on top of the ham.

v  Drizzle oil onto a piece of foil that is large enough to cover potatoes (optional)

v  Poke a few holes in the potatoes with a fork and then wrap in foil.

v  Place potatoes on top of the ham.

v  Put the crock-pot on low for 3-4 hours without potatoes or 6 hours with potatoes.

Helpful Hints:

The longer you cook this ham, the better it will taste.

You can use an uncooked ham, but will need to look up crock-pot cook times for various sizes of hams.

If you like salt, feel free to put salt onto the drizzled oil to coat your potatoes. 

Happy Holidays everyone and keep watching for more great things from Trisha Trixie Designs

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