Product Review: Lovely Legs by Bathina from Benefit

I know I have shared my Makeup and Train Case tips and tricks with you but I have yet to share the thing sI love in my bath and afterwards. So today I thought I would share how I get my Lovely Legs looking so fine. The boys always say “You have a nice set of gams !!” so I must be doing something right!

I love the packaging for one thing It is Retro Cute. Though the old package was better and cuter I still like this one. Then when you open it , it has this faint smell of roses like my grandmother used to use. I generally don’t like that smell but it is so light that I love it. It is like smelling a rose. The old Bathina used to have a longer sponge and now they send you this tiny little thing to swipe in the Bathina cream and slide on your legs. I find it harder to cover all the area of both sides of my legs with this small one.  With the old one I could make one swipe on the cream and one on the front of my legs. Then repeat for the back. This new little soft pillow like sponge though it does have a handle on it, it harder to grip so it makes it harder for me to use (I have premature arthritis so sometimes it hurts my hand to hold is why).

Overall if I were giving it a score I would say a 7 out of 10. I like the Red tin it comes in, I like the scent and I love the soft way my legs feel afterwards…silky smooth. But I don’t like that they changed the package and I don’t like the tiny pillow sponge.

I would still encourage you to try it out though. I feel it is worth the things I don’t like because nothing else so far has made my legs THIS soft!

If you do try it out come here or to our FB page tel lus what you think. I love to know other people’s opinions…even if I don’t’ agree.

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