Try It Tuesday~Tie, Scarf, Tie (Follow Up)

Fashion Friday~Fashion Wrap


Okay my friends. We wrote, we posted, we questioned and suggested. But…did you TRY IT? Either one? I said I would and I did too. Not only did I try it, I liked it and got complimented on it as well. I took the scarf Trisha Trixie gave me, put a large pin on the inside of my work t-shirt and laced the ends of the scarf through the pin. You couldn’t tell the pin was there, the scarf lay loosely around my neck (no panic attacks), no knots, easily removed if needed, it didn’t get in the way of my work and the children I work with found it interesting. Due to genetics and hormones I sweat profusely and was concerned it would feel constricting and hot. NO. IT DID NOT. In fact, I kind of liked it and look forward to the trained skills and talents of Trisha selecting more for me to wear. I think I would love to have a large variety of colors for sure and maybe even a few with print on them. She can also construct an attractive pin to attach to my tops if I want. I think I just might want that too.

What? What’s that? Picture? What picture?……..OH, THAT PICTURE. Yes, since you asked I will post the photo I had taken for me. But keep in mind I didn’t quite have the scarf set where I wanted it yet. But it will show you that I did try it and how it looked as well. Here you go:


Here’s to having an eye on fashion…


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