Wear it Wednesday: Bows Bows Bows

I love bows and flowers and all the pretty things. I always have. I am such a girly girl. Then in this past year as I have explored back into the world on modeling and Pin Up modeling at that, Flowers and bows are such a huge part of that!

Bows are in right now. They are everywhere. They are all over Pinterest. They were all over New York Fashion Week and now they are even in my neighborhood!!

My neighbor across the street has a family friend who makes hair bows and necklaces and bracelets and all sorts of pretty things.

Recently I was at an event selling my ReConstructed Fashions and I wanted to take some of Lyn’s Creations Bows with me and they sold like hotcakes on a Sunday morning!

Here is me before the event….my hair slightly defalted after a few hours but the headband still looked cute!

 An assortment of the flowers on the table and some she gave me as a thank you gift below
 Here is one of the gals modeling one after a kind gent bought one for her
Then I also have bought some from this fine dealer and used it with my fashions as well. Here is one of the gals, Chelsea B I send one of my cute caps to as she models how adorable they look on stocking caps!
Here are some of the flowers on my creations for SensaFashion (On the bright pink shoes)
Here is one of my favorite hot pink flowers with a pretty green purse. It just changes the whole thing
Go to Lyn’s Creations on Facebook and check out her Creations. She sells out of a lot of items but can make items similar or make SPECIALTY items for your event, school or wedding, just ask!
If you want to see more bows check out my Pinterest board all about BOWS HERE
To keep up with Trisha Trixie and SensaFashion come like us on our Facebook Page HERE
Until next time,
XoXo, Trisha Trixie kiss kiss

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