I am always finding cute things wherever I go and being in the Retro, Vintage world and circles sometimes people come to me. I am a part of many fashion groups on Linked In and other areas so people see me, my posts and tend to reach out. I am so very happy about that because this blog is run by only TWO women, I have a handful of Intern help from here to there but in the end this is my passion and I am only person trying to do it all. It is hard to FIND business, blogs and people who WANT to be featured so when they come to me, even the better.

This cute little company came to me and after inspecting them, I must say I love their style. The company is called . Here are a few words from their About Page…

We love retro.

Today’s ‘throw-it-away’ culture makes it increasingly difficult to find beautiful items such as those featured on, often these items would just end up in a skip or a rubbish tip (what sacriledge!).  Cheap labour and manufacturing costs is resulting in mass production of items we don’t really need. High rent and the intrusion of large high street shops is making it harder for second-hand shops to survive. It’s important to buy second hand items – not only are you helping to save the environment but very often you get a much better product, a one of a kind item that was designed to last (and looks like none other!) is America’s newest second-hand shop, we’re here to bring you the very finest in retro and vintage homewares, fashion and accessories. We love anything retro and we love sharing it with the community. We love photographing our items and showcasing them on the site, we want you to enjoy browsing the site (even if you don’t intend to purchase).  Please do join in and add your comments to any items that catch your eye and share your thoughts with others. in a way is very much like a museum, once an item is sold it’ll remain on the site for others to see and to admire (Sold items will be marked as such). We hope that this approach will make it even more enjoyable to browse our site. If you have any knowledge of any of the products you see please do share your expertise by adding a comment on the product page.” – America’s new and exciting online vintage and retro shop. We aim to showcase the very best in all that is vintage and retro. Join our mailing list, follow us on twitter and join us on Facebook to keep up to date with all the latest news from is for sale – Buy It Now 

If you have ever wanted to have your own E-commerce store and you share my love for Vintageyou might consider this cute little online store. They have all the shopping, images etc all built in. They desire to sell the package as whole.  As they say, browse the site even if you don’t desire to purchase it. They have a Facebook page and other Social Media.

They are a quaint and cute way of showcasing their products.

Plus I love the irony of an Online E-Commerce store about Retro and Vintage items. Too funny.

For the  browser uninterested in buying take a look around at what they have.

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