After Girls Night Out with Pulse 99.5

So very sorry for the delay in getting this post up. I have one very silly excuse. I lost my camera. I couldn’t’ find it, then took it to New York then lost it again. Found it.  Then when I went to give my camera to my Intern, I uploaded everything and saw all these pictures still on here. Oy vey so sorry.

I want to say thank you for having me. I had a fun time. I wish I could have done more. I was able to secure some small gift bags from Sephora for the event but I just felt like it wasn’t enough. We all do what we can I guess. IT was a great event only having to pay $5 and bring 3-8 items and leave with the amount  equal to what you brought. Then they fed us and gave us treats. It was great!

Regardless, there were some great vendors there we could buy products from as well…

People trying things on and rushing around to get things. I will say it did slightly feel a bit as the day after Thanksgiving Rush….

 I even met this darling gal who was a Fashionista like me

(I think her name was Julie???)

She was very sweet..

What did I end up finding you ask? Well I will tell you… I was telling the gals at the table I felt like I could “see the vintage in things” wherever I went…so you tell me how I did…

At the end of the night it was like Old mother Hubbard had raided the cupboards because many of the racks were bare…

It was lots of fun. I hope they do it again and again. If you missed out this year and they do it again next year, definitely go. If you ever hear of a Clothing Swap in your area…GO, it was fun and well worth it!

Thanks Rachel and Pulse 99.5 for a great Girl’s Night Out!!


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