Mad Men & The Vintage Vibe

When I was at IFBCON in NYC a few of the people commented about this program on TLC about some Retro women who like to dress up Vintage and one of the gals said they even thought I was one of them. So of course I had to do my research and find out what this was all about about. So here is a bit more info and now knowing the scoop and figuring out that they meant they thought I looked like Dollie who is 24 I am very flattered because um… yeah… I’m 42 years old so WOW!

Check out TLC’s Wives with Beehives too as they talk more about it here.

Dollie’s Blog The Rockabilly Socialite can be found HERE

Not only am I a former Southern California gal but my love for Vintage combined with her love for Vintage as well…I think that’s a friendship made in Vintage heaven!! Wouldn’t you agree??

Oh, Calling Dollie, Miss TrishaTrixie here….I think we need to be friends!

TrishaTrixie from latest shoot with Five Photographer Nick Clausen

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