Gram-a-licous Grammy Fashion

It seems overstated and overdone that every fashion blogger in the world seems to always write a post about what everyone wore or didn’t wear on Grammy or awards night but it you don’t do it, then it seems wrong. So here is my tribute to the Grammy wearers of dos and don’t out there hoping it’s a bit different than the rest of the clackers and the clan

Kaya Jones

Love what Kaya Jones was wearing. I have a turquise dress like this I almost modeled in recently and I love the vintage feel of this

Deadmau5 And Kat Von D

KVD, though I love you and love your kick-as—bitchin-ness…I have to say nay to this. It’s tha grammys not a night out on the town to go clubbin. I think you could have dressed it up a bit and still looked freakin fab like you do and rocked everyone’s world. Don’t even get me started on Deadmaus…not going there….next!!

Ali Tamposi

Well the fashion is awesome in the but I think someone needs to teach that girl not only how to pose with all her hands and fingers but what to do with her mouth. Duck lips are bad enough but White girl overbite is even worse I think

Little Big Town

I applud you. The ladies got it right, the men know how to dress with style and class and the hair is neither too big nor too small. Good job LBT, good job! Way to show them Country is Cool.


Hmmm, I am a little unsure here. I feel like she might be slipping on a pair of Ice Skates and sliding out for a set soon. It is defiantly different and I love different but this might be even a little too much for me. But then again I love my Hollywood glamour and I am not everyone’s cup of tea either.


The only thing I have to say about this is…Well it isn’t DuckFace

Hunter Hayes

I love your music, I love your face. You’re just so awesome and fantabulous, and so cute, I could just put you in my pocket! go Hunter Hayes


My take on these guys? Scared, Bored Bored.

LL Cool J

Smilin J. Love it. Keep it up.

Kathy Griffin

Bitch. Just kidding. I love this woman. Outspoken. Smart. Loves the gays. Me too. Let’s have coffee and chit the chat. Kathy Griffin-Call me

Ed Sheeran

Hey was just listening to your music today to make a playlist. Looking kewl dude!

Carrie Underwood


Bonnie Raitt

Always givin em something to talk about. Love it!

Chris Brown And Natasha Bedingfield

Chris looks great. Natasha however looks like she grabbed a shawl off her grandmothers couch and put a belt around it! No thank you.

Taylor Swift

This little gal is growing up!WOWZA! Looking good. He is wishing you would ever ever someday get back together with him now huh?Like ever?!

Jennifer Lopez

No offense, but take the bun off your head sometime ok?

Jack White

Is he supposed to look creepy?

Miranda Lambert

Well done Miranda. GunPowder and POW! You nailed it!

Willy Wonka called. He said you weren’t supposed to eat the Blueberry gum.

Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban

The country crowd know hot to git er done!

Esperanza Spalding

Love her hair!! The outfit is stunning as well!

Kelly Rowland

What is it with these people and their weird buckteeth mouth smiles? Really have someone teach you how to smile for the camera!! On top of that, What is going ON with that dress?!?!?!?I think her breasts are trying to break out of boob jail!!

Alicia Keys

Love Alicia but the snark smile could have used some work

Travis Barker

Very Vintage and Retro. Love it!

 And the finale of my Gram-licious favs and flaves……


Now THAT’S a great pose!!

Thanks for tuning in to read up what I think of the Granny wear.


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