Wear It Wednesday~Spiked Heels

Wednesday has long been referred to as “hump day”. This is a day that lags on as you finally reach the “middle” of a standard work week. Thus leaving you with only two more days to muck your way through. So, to help give you a lift and brighten your “hump day” we selected a few elite yet very “uplifting” spiked heels to assist.

Okay, so these aren’t quite “spike” heels but they do have spikes.
They are colorful and will “lift” you up a bit.

I know there are a few women out there who can 
actually walk around all day in these 
but I’ll never understand how.
These are just “fun” and uplifting. I’m always
compelled to tip myself upsidedown 
to see the bottom of shoes
that have patterns or
pictures under
Wear It Wednesday/Happy Hump Day
All photos are courtesy of my Pinterest Board:
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