Try it Tuesdays: What’s going on Under There?

One of our readers asked if we would do a segment for how to tape your “Girls”. I figured what a great start to Try it Tuesdays: Tips, Tricks & Things to Try. I found this video online and instead of reinventing the taping. I am going to embed it here for you to watch.

Now, I know most women are generally trying to hide them or make them look “smaller” but I thought this article was kind of cute because it talks about how to make those girls look “Bigger” Check it out for yourself

How to Tape Your Breast to Make Them Look Bigger

HEre is the best answer I found on Yahoo Answers: I like how they say “It’s Better with a Friend” I had to laugh because let me tell you…it takes a really good friend who will help you tape your breasts. Just sayin.

How to Tape Your Breasts and Other Stuff by Yahoo Answers

The only time I ever had to tape my breasts was when I wear my Marilyn Dresses. They have halter straps and I don’t wear a bra with them. I was going out and my BF said “Duct Tape them” I busted up laughing. The funnier thing was we didn’t have any but he had electrical tape. So he made an “X” out of them and covered up my nipples with electrical tape. The only issue was if I turned sideways so I made sure all night I didn’t turn sideways. Seriously. I purposely didn’t turn sideways to talk to people ALL NIGHT!! Well, until the end of the night, then I forgot and someone asked…”Do you have tape on your nips?” I had to explain and he busted up laughing. Lucky he was a friend.

My suggestion…just make sure you don’t have to turn sideways I guess. Hope this helps!

If you have any other suggestions come to our community and let us know what you want us to talk about. We love hearing from you!

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Kiss Kiss~ Trisha Trixie

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