Fashion Friday~Faux Fur Frenzy

With colder temperatures we’d like to warm things up a bit by looking over some of the
choices available in the department of Faux Fur. Here is some of what we discovered:

We tip our hats to these…


            We’re sticking our neck out to these inviting scarves:

These coats are a wrap for stylish warmth…
And now it’s time to give things the “boot”. 

When the temperatures make you say burrr, think of furrr.

All images courtesy of my Pinterest Board:

Corrina Hunter~Sensafashion’s Fashion Eye

Wear it Wednesday 1-23-2013

I hate those three day weekends. It always messes me up. I didn’t remember it was Wear it Wednesday until the wee hours of this morning.

So here is what I put together for MY Wear It Wednesday. What about you?

Some girly GIR Bowties for Bowtie Wednesday for my pal Danny Beyer Wear it Wednesday  

Go check out Danny’s FB page

Rockin Corky boots, GIR bowties, gray leggings, white socks otk, grey skirt, casting crowns top, vs pink undertop.comfy cute day two! 

What are YOU waring for Wear it Wednesday?

MY friend Danny Beyer has inspired me the last couple of Wednesday to try to incorporate a Bowtie into my Wednesdays for Bowtie Wednesdays. Do you have a weekly wear it tradition even if it is not on Wednesdays? do tell?  

How to look Comfy & Cute

I was asked this week How to Look Comfy and Cute by Jenna Kramer? Well, I added to that a bit and am also adding in Work Appropriate (if it is Friday) If not wear a skirt, leggings, or slacks with this not jeans.
I am a Camisole kinda gal. If needed on a think shirt I will wear a bra, but I like these like Victoria Secret has that have a shelf bra in them. The fact that they are Polka Dots help me feel cute even underneath. The other wonderful thing is with how cold it is today, this helps keep me warm.
Pink Polka Cami
I even wear Polka Dotted panties (ok they are hearts but close enough) to continue the Cute trend underneath
Polka Heart Panties
I love this sweet necklace a newer pal got me for a gift.
I couldn’t decide which earrings
But these ones won out because they matched the necklace the best
Then I layer up sock, one long to tuck in pants and one extra for foot warmth
Don my Cutest boots I got in Valley Junction (I get quite noticed in these bad boys)
My favorite torn jeans, shirt left out and sweater add to the comfy, cute and paired with something other than jeans Work Appropriate as well
Collar shirt, Fuzzy sweater from Wet Seal, jewels, hair and makeup
Then of course rocking it with my Gwen Stefani style coat and my Glam Glasses!
 See! It is all attainable. You just have to learn or know how to style it. And THAT is why people pay me to raid their closet , style for them or shop for them. If you need help with any of those, MY services are for hire and available. Until then, keep following my blogs and eventually you will get your own Sense of Style and Fashion!
Xoxo~Trisha Trixie

Fashion Friday-Men

It’s that time again! Fashion Friday. I know this site is very new and not a lot of posts to choose from but as I keep writing for Fashion Friday I know it will grow to more and more as I go along, so please be patient with me. If you would like to see more from this Fashionista please check out my website.

In keeping with my theme this week from my other blog I am going to discuss…MEN. I love the Fashion of Men. Mostly, Men in Suits. I love my men in Suits. Yes I do. Men in a tie, Men in a suit and tie, Men in a sweater suit and tie oh melt me down to nothing and pick me up with a towel cuz I turn into drool…

Here are my Fashion Men in Suits, Sweaters, Suits and sweaters and everything connected that I simple love….

All photos are courtesy of my Pinterest Board Men Oh Man, Oh My!

This post is for IFB


  Xoxo~Trisha Trixie


Fashion Friday: Signature Style

Sorry this is getting out late. I haven’t quite worked out the kinks on who is writing what yet here.LOL

Today’s topic is Signature Style:

Do you have a Signature Style? Is there something about you that people would say is a style about you? For me it is Vintage. I have people tell me all the time “There is just that Retro Vintage vibe about you” which is funny because then they always guess me 10 years younger than I really am. Ironic eh?!

Also people know me for my bracelets, the fact that I love Pink, Love to have luscious lips, outlandish accessories (i call them props), and I most often wear pink if I can.

I  love life and I enjoy it. I think it comes out in my clothes. I think it comes out in my style. Even in High School I didn’t dress the norm. When everyone else was wearing jeans, I was wearing khakis. When they started wearing Khakis I started liking dresses and skirts. In my Senior year I took a thing called ROP, REgional Occupation Program. From tenth grade on I was in Cosmetology so I changed after school. But then in my Senior Year I decided to dump all those years of rolls and wraps and perms and switch to the business side of life and learn Banking. I had to go to the Bank of America right after lunch hour so I ended up wearing very formal business attire in my Senior year.

The oddity of that is in my Senior year I would say I because more “KNOWN”. Not popular but known. I was involved in many activities, took art, more music courses, Bells, Choir, Drama, Photography and then Banking. This involvement got me seen more. I got ot know more people yes, but the one thing people always told me and complimented me on even in jest was my Fearless Sense of Style. I wore what felt good, what I liked, but that also made me different and stand out even if ever so slightly.

Fashion is more than trends, ethnicity, runway shows and Vogue magazine.

Fashion is you, learning and creating your own Sense of Fashion or Style. Some maybe do not know what that is and lucky for you, I can help. For those who already have it, own it and love it, you know what I mean.

So I leave you with this Fashion Friday Question:

What is your Signature Style? If you don’t have one, whose do you admire?

Happy Fashion Friday,


Leaving you with my Signature Smile

High Heel Silver and Away

Khenri shoes I am walking in a Fashion Show in two days

One of my followers this week asked if we would write about how one is supposed to walk in VERY high heels. As a Model I remember the days having the nearly break my neck in those things. Along the way I learned a few tips that I will share with you:

  • Take it Easy
  • Don’t try and do the 100 meter dash. Heels are meant to be enjoyed and savored. Take your time in them. Go slow. Easy does it.
  • Practice walking in them before you wear them out for the first time.
    •  I like to bend back the heel a bit near the back of my foot so it doesn’t scrape and give me blisters. Then I strut around in the house on them as long as I can stand it.
  • Find your Shoe
    • If this is your FIRST time on heels- Don’t go 6 inch stilettos. 
    • Get some small kitten pumps and start working your way to higher heels
    • Perhaps you will find you have no desire to walk in pointy heels, you just want to walk in Kitten pumps. Find the shoe heel you like and work it. If you WANT to learn to like pointy heels then it takes practice
  • Cushion
    • Buy some cushioned insoles if your shoes don’t have them. On some shoes this makes them a bit tighter so when buying, think about whether or not you will be buying insoles for them. You feet will thank you.
  • Posture is key
    • Keep your posture straight and balance
    • Keep your legs straight and in front of you
  • Heel weight
    • Put the weight on the back part of your heel and step a pit harder. If you don’t you may walk right out of your shoes.
  • Stride
    • Don’t take bigger steps than you can manage. Find your stride and about how far you can walk in them and feel sturdy and stable
  • Work it!
    • Stop laughing. I mean it. If you are wearing heels, you are wanting to feel confident. Wallflowers don’t “generally” wear heels. Walk tall and proud and own the road, room or floor. Just don’t fall on the floor
  • Iif you do fall, fall with grace and precision and like you mean it
    • When I first learn to roller blade my friend Carrie taught me how to fall first. I thought she was kidding but sometimes learning how you will act when you trip or fall is as much Grace as walking in the heels themselves.
  • Be cautious
    • Hold onto railing, etc if needed. It is more glamorous to hold a railing then it is to fall on your face

    • Here is me practicing in my new Khenri shoes I will be wearing for the Fashion Show this Saturday
      Shoe Practice 

      Pose n Practice (TrishaTrixie silliness exudes)

    •  I leave you with this super cute video on how to walk in high heels. They have a few other thing sI didn’t say so definately watch the video if you can. Her accent and the things they do in the video are amusing
    • Wear It Wednesdey

      I am going to start a new series call it Wear It Wednesday.

      I want to hear from YOU on this day. EACH Wednesday I want to hear from you about these things:

      • What are you wearing? 
      • What clothes, what shoes, what jewels, what accessories?
      • Where did you get them? A fancy store? Walmart? Target? Icing?

      • Share weather it is a Special Day or what you normally wear every day?
      • Share anything else about the outfit you choose to share with us?
      • OR share with us a SPECIAL outfit you remember wearing!

      Share with PHOTOS on our SensaFashion Facebook Page EACH Wednesday! Remember to Tag yourself and then share with friends as well!

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