High Heel Silver and Away

Khenri shoes I am walking in a Fashion Show in two days

One of my followers this week asked if we would write about how one is supposed to walk in VERY high heels. As a Model I remember the days having the nearly break my neck in those things. Along the way I learned a few tips that I will share with you:

  • Take it Easy
  • Don’t try and do the 100 meter dash. Heels are meant to be enjoyed and savored. Take your time in them. Go slow. Easy does it.
  • Practice walking in them before you wear them out for the first time.
    •  I like to bend back the heel a bit near the back of my foot so it doesn’t scrape and give me blisters. Then I strut around in the house on them as long as I can stand it.
  • Find your Shoe
    • If this is your FIRST time on heels- Don’t go 6 inch stilettos. 
    • Get some small kitten pumps and start working your way to higher heels
    • Perhaps you will find you have no desire to walk in pointy heels, you just want to walk in Kitten pumps. Find the shoe heel you like and work it. If you WANT to learn to like pointy heels then it takes practice
  • Cushion
    • Buy some cushioned insoles if your shoes don’t have them. On some shoes this makes them a bit tighter so when buying, think about whether or not you will be buying insoles for them. You feet will thank you.
  • Posture is key
    • Keep your posture straight and balance
    • Keep your legs straight and in front of you
  • Heel weight
    • Put the weight on the back part of your heel and step a pit harder. If you don’t you may walk right out of your shoes.
  • Stride
    • Don’t take bigger steps than you can manage. Find your stride and about how far you can walk in them and feel sturdy and stable
  • Work it!
    • Stop laughing. I mean it. If you are wearing heels, you are wanting to feel confident. Wallflowers don’t “generally” wear heels. Walk tall and proud and own the road, room or floor. Just don’t fall on the floor
  • Iif you do fall, fall with grace and precision and like you mean it
    • When I first learn to roller blade my friend Carrie taught me how to fall first. I thought she was kidding but sometimes learning how you will act when you trip or fall is as much Grace as walking in the heels themselves.
  • Be cautious
    • Hold onto railing, etc if needed. It is more glamorous to hold a railing then it is to fall on your face

    • Here is me practicing in my new Khenri shoes I will be wearing for the Fashion Show this Saturday
      Shoe Practice 

      Pose n Practice (TrishaTrixie silliness exudes)

    •  I leave you with this super cute video on how to walk in high heels. They have a few other thing sI didn’t say so definately watch the video if you can. Her accent and the things they do in the video are amusing
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