Rock-A-Billy Hair

I love doing my hair in a Rockabilly style. I separate the front center part then twist and push it up in the center. I pin it criss-cross with two bobby pins and then pull the rest of my hair back and tie it off or clip it. Then I get out one of my MANY bandanas and pull it up and around and then tie it off. I add one bobby pin on each side to keep it from sliding then spritz it all with a dab of spray.
Great for summers or when I haven’t had a chance to wash up my locks or when I am just feeling lazy but want to look cute!
Here are some of my Rock-a-Billy Hair styles

And here was my hair today!

and the one of of me in the car with my girly glam glasses

As I am sure my sister Corrina would comment, hair doesn’t have to be hard to be fabulous!  Right sis?


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