New Year, More Posting

For the new year I will be doing a bit of revamping around here. I don’t do resolutions but if there were ten things I want to do in the coming months this is my list…

One: More Posting! Posts of more posts and more posts on top of that.

Two: Hopefully More Posters (people to help me post)

Three: Regular posting. I know you thin, wait isn’t that the same as one? No not necessarily. I hope to post more but I do hope to post on a more regular basis. I want you all to feel like, hey its this day, isn’t there going to be a post from out beloved Fashionista today? I mean I wouldn’t want you to go through withdrawls or anything. 🙂

Four: More Styling posts. People ask me all the time…where did you get that? Hwo did you decide to put that together? and so on. So I hope to give you more Stylista posts so you will be able to hopefully gain some knowledge from me

Five: Shopping tips. Kind of like above but more focused on where to get the goods. Those who follow me on Facebook already know I love Sephora but I can’t buy clothes there (sadly). So where do I get all these fine wares and Vintage outfits? I will tell you. I will also tell you where to get them to mix and match and a variety of low and high budget items for hopefully everyone’s wallet.

Six: Links. Links to fab places and blogs and other pinup and vintage sites etc. I mean I can’t hoard all the tips and tricks to myself right? (Well, I could but I like to share)

Seven: Makeup tips. How to do certain makeup things like how to do CAts eyes and how to keep your lipstick on through dinner and so on. Also Sephora as well as Avon and other makeup trends and finds.

Eight: Hair Raising! The how to of hair things. I do a lot of Victory Rolls and pin ups style I am sure you all would like to know more about. I may start doing a video series but until then I will take lots of pictures and write explicit details.

Nine: Consider a site change. I know you already went through that last year. But as much as I love this corresponds to SensaFashion, I  am still nto quite sure I like the feel of it. No worries just looking around and maybe adding some widgets and additions.

Ten: Questions. I want to hear from you. What do you want to know about? What have YOU wanted to ask me or one of my other Blogmates?

So there is just a few thoughts on the matter. Keep in touch and keep watch for more. Oh and Happy New Year!!

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